NTEU Submitted Testimony on FY 2017 Funding for DHS

March 4, 2016

The House Committee on Appropriation’s Subcommittee on Homeland Security held a hearing this week to discuss the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) FY 2017 budget request, and NTEU submitted the attached testimony on CBP’s funding priorities.  The Senate will be holding a hearing next week.

The FY 2017 budget supports 23,775 CBP Officers and 2,417 CBP Agriculture Specialists, and asks Congress to enact legislation to fund an additional 2,107 CBP Officers through an increase in the COBRA and immigration user fees. 


In NTEU’s attached testimony, NTEU Nation President urge the committee to include in its FY 2017 DHS appropriations bill:


  • Funding to increase trade, travel and agriculture inspection and enforcement staffing to the level called for in CBP’s most recent CBP Workload Staff Models for CBP Officers and Agriculture Specialists, which shows a need to hire 2,107 additional CBP Officers and 631 additional CBP Agriculture Specialists;

  • Funding to meet the statutory floor for non-uniform trade staff.  The most recent Trade Resource Allocation Model shows that CBP trade revenue staffing has fallen 214 positions below the statutory floor set forth in the Homeland Security Act of 2002; and

  • Funding to increase journeyman pay to additional CBP personnel, including CBP Technicians, Import and other Commercial Operations Specialists, and enhanced retirement to armed, uniformed CBP Seized Property Specialists.



Read the full testimony here >>

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