AWS Solicitation for MIA Pax is Out

March 11, 2016

The AWS Expansion for MIA Pax Operations is now official. A solicitation has been sent out.

Deadline to volunteer is March 19, 2016.


The number of additional AWS slots we will make available through this solicitation are:

·  CBPOs:

0400-1300 (+10)

1200-2100 (unlimited) – all interested volunteers shall be selected unless disqualified (see note #3 below)

1500-2400 (+10)


·  CBPASs:

0400-1400 (+3)

1100-2100 (+2)

1400-2400 (+2)


Interested employees should be aware of these 3 things:

1.      Selectees shall remain on their current shift but shall be placed on the AWS rotation.  Thus, a 1200-2000 CBPO selectee will now work the 1200-2100 AWS variant.  There will be no movement from shift to shift (e.g., 0400 to 1200).

2.      RDO rotations are subject to change.

3.      Disqualifiers:

  • Employees who cannot perform the full range of their duties (excluding light duty) will not be eligible to participate in the AWS program or remain on AWS.  AWS employees who are placed on temporary light duty will remain on AWS if CBP determines that there is sufficient suitable light duty work. This will be determined on a case by case basis.

  • An employee who is currently under an Employee Proficiency Plan cannot participate in the AWS program or will be removed from the program if placed in such a status while participating in AWS.

  • An employee who is currently under a leave abuse restriction letter cannot participate in the AWS program.

  • Employees who abuse AWS may be removed from participating in the program.

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