Letter from Commissioner

April 29, 2016

Commissioner Kerlikowske has responded to NTEU that he agrees that the elimination of collective bargaining rights, the curtailment of due process rights, and the implementation of post-employment polygraph examinations as recommended in a recent report should not be enacted.


Last month, NTEU Nation President Tony Reardon wrote to Commissioner Kerlikowske concerning the disturbing report of the Homeland Security Advisory Council’s U.S. Customs and Border Protection Integrity Advisory Panel.  In particular, he focused on its recommendations to eliminate or curtail current collective bargaining rights for NTEU’s CBP bargaining unit and the due process rights for those employees facing proposed discipline. He also noted NTEU’s objection to another recommendation that would subject employees to post-employment polygraph examinations.


NTEU is  pleased that the Commissioner agrees with NTEU’s position in these three areas and that CBP will not be supporting the enactment of these drastic proposals. 

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