TDYs to San Ysidro and Tucson

May 27, 2016

CBP has informed NTEU and its Field Directors that it will need 100 officers on temporary assignments to work in San Ysidro and 50 Officers on temporary assignments to work in five Tucson Field Office Ports from July 7 through September 30 of this year.


CBP has informed NTEU that it has just notified its Field Operations Directors of their 4th quarter TDY quotas to supplement the staffing in San Ysidro that as you know has been going on for some time now.  Nationwide, 100 officers will need to be sent to San Ysidro from July 7 through September 30, 2016.  


Unfortunately, CBP has also decided to begin similar TDYs to five ports under the Tucson Field Office during the same 4th quarter time frame.  As a result, 50 officers will be selected and distributed among the ports of Douglas, Lukeville, Naco, Nogales, and San Luis, Arizona.  


According to CBP, these TDYs are necessary because its hiring processes are not replacing officers who leave CBP at a fast enough pace to address its enforcement, trade and passenger processing needs.  While CBP continues to resist setting a nationwide quota instead of assigning quotas by Field Office, thereby reducing the number of involuntary TDY drafts, it has committed on a case-by-case basis to consider excess volunteers from those Field Offices that have met their quotas in addition to considering those that volunteer after the Field Offices have made their selections.   


CBP will determine sometime this summer whether additional TDYs will be necessary in fiscal year 2017.  Those officers who have already had their leave approved will have their requests honored.  Please forward any questions or comments on these TDYs to Jonathan Levine, Assistant Counsel for Negotiations, via e-mail at

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