October 23, 2016

After close review of the BRP placement, NTEU identified errors with this bid. The errors may have occurred due to changes made to the system during placement with the unexpected delay caused by Hurricane Mathew. NTEU met with management this week to discuss possible solutions and determined the best course of action would be to redo the BRP placement for FY2017. Therefore, PD Maston has agreed to redo the bid in the best interest of the bargaining unit. In addition, NTEU asked PD Maston to increase the rotational limit to 50% rotation on most work units. PD Maston accepted the request. He will discuss with his managers and confirm soon which units will be allowed to rotate up to 50%. It is possible some of the smaller units will maintain the minimal 25% rotation for continuity purposes. Please note the BRP placement for CBPO K9 and Agriculture Specialist were not impacted therefore their bids will become official once the BRP Committee meets again to certify. We will keep you informed as more details are finalized.


It has come to our attention that a few employees have questions and we will gladly provide you with as many answers as possible once we have the complete picture of how we will be moving forward with this. Because this decision was made with the PD on Friday, details have yet to be finalized.

A few more details on what happened:

Management tried to implement changes to the bid during placement. When challenged by NTEU, management refused to acknowledge they were changing past practice by including vacancies within the work units to the rotational limits. 


NTEU also identified that management had mistakenly left an officer in a bid unit although that employee was no longer at the port. The ramifications of this mistake were too damaging to overcome. Additionally,  It was agreed as a committee that the bid would be postponed due to hurricane Matthew. It was also agreed that the dates of the call ins would be pushed back but the times wouldn't change. When they reworked the system to make these changes they removed some officers that were no longer eligible to bid. This confusion led to officers missing their bid time by 5 minutes. NTEU was not in a position to stop the bid placement due to the live component of the bid and had determined these actions would be addressed through the grievance process. 


Following the bid placement a close review allowed us to demonstrate the impact of these changes. Ultimately NTEU challenged the BRP committee and after reaching an impasse, an emergency meeting with PD Maston was requested. NTEU explained the situation and PD Maston agreed the rotational limit numbers are based on the staffing numbers of the work unit (not to include vacancies). PD Maston approved the redo for bid placement and increased the rotational limit in the best interest of the officers. This was a very difficult decision for all parties involved but was necessary to maintain the integrity of the live bid process.

We encourage you to direct all your questions and/or concerns to the chapter office. Emails are monitored 24/7 and we will be available to take any of your calls.

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