Shift Changes at MIA

April 21, 2017

As you already know, shift changes were implemented at MIA Passenger Processing due to alleged new American Airlines flight schedules resulting in drastic changes with timing.


NTEU 137 met with CBP Management at MIA to present our counter proposal in an effort to maintain the 0330-1130 premium pay shift and introduce 4/10 hour AWS option as a possible remedy to support operational needs and still provide CBP Officers on Non-AWS work schedule the 20% premium pay.


Despite making it very well known to MIA management that NTEU 137 is 100% against these changes and will not agree to them, MIA management proceeded with the changes.

NTEU has since invoked its right to bargain over these changes and a new AWS option. As of today, CBP management has not replied to our request. NTEU will take this to impasse if CBP management fails to reply very soon. will continue to update you on the events as they begin to unfold. 

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