Local Grievances Update

June 23, 2017


June 22, 2017 - Employee asked for medical documentation without a substantiated reason
Last week, local stewards and the chapter office were presented with a complaint from a bargaining unit employee regarding the request for medical documentation due to a sick leave request. The employee was scheduled for an overtime assignment after his shift, but due to not feeling well, requested leave for the last few hours of his regular shift. Despite the good standing leave status of this employee and the lack of leave problems, management decided it was in its right to request medical documentation from the employee. NTEU 137 argued that the employee was being treated in disparaging manner and that requesting medical documentation was unprecedented. 

FLL/PEV management withdrew its request for medical documentation and the issue was closed out without any damage to either party.


Miami Seaport:

May 18, 2017 - Letter of Counseling issued unfairly and removed from employee file

Local Stewards Jairo Angueira and Mitch Shenberg were presented with a complaint regarding the unfair and biased issuance of a Letter of Counseling. After contentious first and second step meetings, NTEU vowed to take the issue up to a Third Step and meet with the DFO to settle the issue. Successful communications and CBA knowledge lead to CBP siding with NTEU and agreeing that this letter was in fact issued unfairly and had the letter immediately removed from the employees file.


Miami International Airport

May 18, 2017 - Skipped Overtime

When President Obama issued the Executive Order which put an end to the Wet Foot Dry Foot policy, passenger operations at MIA would need to be prepared for the consequences ahead in regards to processing the affected travelers. Back in January, it was brought up to chapter leaders' attention that MIA had accepted employees from the Miami Seaport to come over to the airport and work overtime. Management cited an "emergency situation" as the reason behind bringing in additional from another port to work overtime. NTEU reviewed the overtime call out orders and determined that there were eligible officers assigned to MIA that should have been afforded the opportunity to work these jobs before anyone from another port. A formal grievance was initiated by Stewards Carlos Ortega and Rene Garcia. After a Step 2 meeting, management sided with NTEU and an agreement was reached. The affected officers will be issued compensatory time as a result of this violation.

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