Be Sure You Get Your Settlement Check - Provide Your Contact Information

June 30, 2017

Following nearly a decade of grievances on improper shift, scheduling and overtime issues for CBP Officers and Agriculture Specialists, NTEU reached a settlement last year. Impacted employees will receive back pay and compensatory time for the violations and the number of scheduling and overtime violations has declined. The payouts are now being calculated.

CBP Global Settlement checks will be mailed later this summer to all eligible CBP Officers and Agriculture Specialists who qualify for a payout under the agreement which covers shift, scheduling and overtime issues.

An administrator, Brown Greer of Richmond, Va., has been retained to handle the distribution calculations and distribution of funds.

NTEU is asking that you take these two steps:
1. To ensure that your check goes to the correct address, Brown Greer has launched a special website where you can update your contact information.
Click here to update your contact information with the settlement administrator. While Brown Greer did receive mailing information from CBP, if your address
details have changed in the past several months, you must provide updates directly to Brown Greer through this website.

2. Update your contact information with NTEU. While you may have provided your new information to Brown Greer, NTEU does not receive this information. You must take additional action to update your information with NTEU. Updating your contact information with NTEU ensures that you will receive the latest news on the Global Settlement, the new contract and other NTEU work on your behalf.

When your check gets mailed later this summer, make sure it goes to the right address. Update your contact information with Brown Greer today! Be sure you get your share of this historic settlement.

Please note that your information will not be shared for any other purpose.

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