90-Day K-9 TDY to the SW Border

September 22, 2017

NTEU has received a steady stream of questions from our members related to the 90-day K-9 TDY to the SW Border.  In response, NTEU has in turn forwarded these questions to CBP for its consideration.  In response, CBP will shortly be issuing a Frequently Asked Question document to answer these questions. NTEU will be placing this latest CBP TDY on the agenda for next month’s OFO Labor-Relations Committee meeting at which time we will also attempt to get further information on the TDYs.


In the meantime, CBP has provided the following answers to two of the questions we have posed for its consideration:


1. Will CBPOs receive compensatory time for the care of their canines while traveling to the TDY location?

CBPOs will be compensated up to 1.5 hours of travel comp time per travel day to the TDY location for the care of the canine.  This 1.5 hours is outside the drive time.


2. Is the use of the canine vehicle off-hours permitted?

With respect to using the G-ride off hours, it can be used between places of official business and places of temporary lodging when public transportation is unavailable or its use is impractical and between temporary duty stations or temporary lodging and restaurants, drug stores, barber shops, places of worship, cleaning establishments, and similar places necessary for the sustenance, comfort, or health of the employee to foster the continued efficient performance of Government business. 


NTEU will continue to try to get answers to your questions concerning this TDY. We will also continue our efforts to make the TDY procedures as transparent and as reasonable as possible considering its impact on our members and their families. 

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