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NTEU's 80th Anniversary Honored

Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) introduced a Senate Resolution (S. Res. 378), congratulating NTEU on the occasion of our 80th anniversary. The resolution highlights the history of NTEU and its founding in Wisconsin in 1938, and praises NTEU’s efforts to help create workplaces in which every federal employee is treated with dignity and respect by promoting new and innovative workplace policies; promoting and defending federal service; and ensuring that federal employees are free from discrimination, politicization, and retaliation for disclosing government waste, fraud, and abuse.

S. Res. 378 also recognizes the highly trained individuals represented by NTEU who work for the federal government and contribute significantly to the greatness and prosperity of the United States by (as examples) collecting the money to fund the government; helping protect the borders of the United States; ensuring that individuals in the United States have clean air and water; regulating financial services companies; and making sure that the manner in which the airways are used is in the public interest.

According to the resolution, “whether advocating on Capitol Hill, at the bargaining table, or in workplaces across the United States, NTEU continues to make history through its accomplishments.” However, NTEU cannot achieve any of this without the dedication and support of our members. Thank you.

View Resolution Here

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