CBP T-Shirt Wear Policy Modified

March 29, 2018

CBP has decided to modify its Enforcement T-Shirt Wear Policy by removing the t-shirt requirement with the Class 4 uniform. However, if an undershirt is worn and is visible, the undershirt must be either 1) the dark blue CBP branded enforcement t-shirt, or 2) a solid white crewneck t-shirt or 3) a solid black crewneck t-shirt.


CBP implemented this change because many uniformed employees do not remove their Class 4 shirt exposing the CBP branded t-shirt.  As a result, the prior requirement created unnecessary expense for CBP and added an additional layer of clothing that made the Class 4 uniform excessively hot in warmer climates.


Employees that choose to continue wearing the CBP enforcement t-shirt as the outermost garment while engaged in cargo examinations in the Class 4 uniform environment, must remain in compliance with the OFO Uniform Wear Policy outlined in Chapter 3 of the uniform handbook.

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