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Tactical Terrorism Response Teams (TTRTs) Update

NTEU and CBP have negotiated an agreement addressing CBP’s implementation of the TTRTs. Previously, NTEU and CBP had reached a settlement agreement over CBP’s unilateral implementation of TTRT after the FLRA found merit in an unfair labor practice charge filed by NTEU over its implementation. The MOU requires CBP to provide NTEU at both the national and local level the names of those that are participating in the TTRT initiative and those that have returned to the bargaining unit. Local NTEU chapters are also entitled to quarterly meetings to discuss the operations of the TTRT at their port and to raise any concerns they have concerning TTRT. Provisions have also been negotiated that address JAC Awards based on TTRT and bargaining unit interactions, confirmation that TTRT participants will be placed in the call-out order at the step that addresses supervisory overtime, annual leave, and the procedures addressing the return of TTRT participants to the bargaining unit.

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