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Response to Trump's Executive Orders on Capitol Hill

House legislators are responding to the May 25th Trump Executive Orders by asking the White House to rescind them.

Following the President’s issuance of the three Executive Orders (EOs) on May 25th, NTEU has been working to educate Capitol Hill on the harm these actions will have on federal employees, as well as on federal employee labor organizations and your day-to-day representational duties.

Two letters are attached for your review. Representative Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-8) organized a letter on behalf of 21 House Republican members opposing the EOs and asking the President to rescind them. Representative Elijah Cummings (MD-7) rallied House Democratic leadership also urging the White House to reverse course on the EOs.

NTEU appreciates the strong support of these legislators on behalf of frontline federal employees and their existing workplace rights. NTEU will continue to urge members of Congress to oppose the EOs, and to instead demonstrate support for federal workers by cosponsoring NTEU-supported legislation to get labor representatives back at the table collaborating constructively with agencies (S. 2340 and H.R. 4878), and to oppose administration proposals to freeze pay and slash retirement benefits. To find out more, and to see what you can do, click here and visit here.

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