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Global Settlement Payments Expiring Soon

This week, NTEU ran a list of 1,263 individuals who still have not cashed their checks (and who have not appealed) against its membership and bargaining unit databases. The match produced home and/or work e-mail addresses for 917 of them. NTEU does not know which, if any, of these e-mail addresses are still in use. But, in an effort to reach as many of them as possible, yesterday NTEU sent a message to every e-mail address produced by the match.

As the message states, the checks are stale if not cashed by August 8. If an individual lost or did not receive a check, they must contact the Settlement Administrator by August 31. If they do not cash their check by August 8 or contact the Administrator by August 31, they will be removed from the recipient list. Unclaimed money will revert to the settlement fund and will be distributed in the second distribution.

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