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Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Member Benefit

While NTEU members probably have health insurance, that coverage might not pay for the indirect costs of accidents, sicknesses and hospitalization—the costs no one thinks about until they become a reality. Colonial Life offers supplemental products that can help fill the gaps left by health insurance, with premiums paid through convenient payroll deduction. Colonial Life products share important features:

  • Coverage is available for you and your family with most products.

  • You receive benefits regardless of any other insurance you may have with other insurance companies.

  • Benefits are paid directly to you, unless you specify otherwise.

  • Premiums are paid through the federal allotment process.

  • With most plans, you can continue coverage with no increase in premium when you retire or change jobs.

The policies that are available include:

  • Guaranteed issue Whole Life, Critical Illness and Accident Insurance Policies;

  • Cancer Insurance;

  • Disability Insurance;

  • Hospital Confinement Indemnity Insurance;

  • Life Insurance (Term and Whole Life); and

  • Dental.

NTEU members can visit the Benefits/Insurance section of the NTEU web site to connect to the NTEU/Colonial Life web site for specifics and to get in touch with a Colonial representative.

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