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Global Settlement Update - Comp Time

Around 360 employees received comp time in the second distribution of Global Settlement funds. These employees were notified of their entitlement to comp time in either the information accompanying their second-distribution check or the letter explaining why they were not entitled to a cash award in the second distribution. The comp time will be posted to employees’ leave records and available for use in the first full pay period in January 2019.

As a reminder, the Global Settlement requires that this comp time be used before sick and annual leave until the comp time is exhausted. All leave requests will be charged against this comp time until that balance is used up. Individuals must use their comp time by the end of the 26th pay period after the pay period when it was posted to their leave records. Individuals who are not able to use all or a portion of their comp time within 26 pay periods because management would not approve its use or because they separated from CBP will be paid for such comp time. More information about comp time, including how it was calculated, can be found in the FAQs on NTEU’s web site or on

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