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Shutdown Averted with 2 week CR

The House and the Senate yesterday passed a two-week stop-gap measure to avoid a partial government shutdown. The president is expected to sign the bill, keeping the government fully open until Friday, Dec. 21.

Negotiations over full-year funding for several outstanding appropriations bills were put on hold following the death of former President George H.W. Bush. Congress must still pass a fiscal 2019 spending package that includes appropriations for several NTEU-represented agencies, including the IRS and other Department of Treasury Offices and Bureaus, CBP and FLETC, CFTC, EPA, FCC, portions of FDA, FEC, NPS, PTO, SEC and USDA.

Immigration-related issues are expected to be a sticking point when negotiations resume over funding for the remainder of the government.

NTEU will continue to strongly press Congress to prevent a partial government shutdown and approve a pay raise for federal employees for 2019. At the same time, NTEU will work to ensure Congress provides prompt pay for the thousands of frontline federal employees who would be furloughed in the event of a shutdown. Learn more about our efforts here.

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