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FY 2020 Funding Update

Congressional leaders continue to discuss a short-term stopgap funding measure as the current Continuing Resolution is set to expire on November 21st.

With only two weeks until the current Continuing Resolution (CR) expires on November 21, 2019, congressional leaders are continuing to work with the White House on a final funding for FY 2020. However, given the lack of progress on a full-year funding deal, it is clear that another short-term CR will be necessary to avoid a government shutdown. At this time, it appears that discussions are moving in the direction of a CR running through December 13 or 20, with an eye towards wrapping up a final spending deal before the end of the year, though no decisions have been made. Even though last weekend the President refused to rule out a government shutdown in November, opening up the possibility he would not sign another short-term CR, White House staff have indicated that the President would be willing to support a one-month stopgap bill. However, disagreements over border security funding and the ability of the administration to redirect funding from other agencies for that purpose remain a key sticking point.

NTEU is actively working with members of Congress and urging them to properly fund federal agencies, provide employees with a fair pay raise, protect their collective bargaining rights, and avoid another disastrous shutdown.

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