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NTEU-CBP Global Trade Specialist Workgroup

CBP has agreed to NTEU’s request that the parties convene a union-management workgroup to discuss and begin to address the impact and implementation issues related to the recently announced Global Trade Specialist (GTS) career model. NTEU has been forwarding to CBP the issues and concerns that NTEU believes need to be addressed for the GTS initiative to succeed. These issues include

- training

- grade levels

- GTS specialization

- the need to address the deficiencies of the Centers where the GTS work will be performed. NTEU President Tony Reardon will be selecting eight participants to represent NTEU on the workgroup that is scheduled to meet in Washington, D.C., on January 15, 2020. This selection will include at least one employee from the following impacted positions: Import Specialist, National Import Specialist, Entry Specialist, Drawback Specialist, National Account Manager, and International Trade Specialist. CBP has also requested, to the extent possible, that our representatives have varying levels of experience, come from different Centers and work in the different land, sea and air operating environments.

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