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NTEU will be sending out a CP memo this week on a 3L Alliance Pilot that CBP is running in the Miami (not including the former Tampa Field Office), El Paso and Buffalo Field Offices.

The pilot is geared towards women with the goal of attracting and retaining female officers within OFO. (I have asked whether female Ag Specialists are also included but I expect them to say no.)

We will send the CP memo to all Chapters but NTEU has been asked to provide 30 female officer volunteers from each of the identified three Field Office to participate in the six month pilot.

The CP memo will describe the particulars but essentially the female officers will discuss with each other in facilitated meetings their successes, challenges and other significant moments they have experienced during their CBP careers.

In Miami, the meetings will be in person, while in the other two Field Offices some meetings will be in person while others will be virtual.

For more information and to volunteer reach out us via email to

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