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No Government Shutdown; Funding Extended to Dec. 3

The House and Senate today approved a temporary government spending bill that prevents a shutdown by maintaining agency funding levels through Dec. 3.

The continuing resolution passed with bipartisan support. President Biden is expected to sign it into law well before the midnight deadline and avoid a lapse in appropriations, which would have interrupted your pay and disrupted important taxpayer services. NTEU is also pleased to report that Congress included money for Customs and Border Protection to address user fee shortfalls caused by the pandemic. This is important to maintain CBP Officer positions funded by those user fees. And in another provision important to all agencies, the bill also orders the administration to apportion funding where necessary to avoid furloughs of federal employees. However, there is additional work to be done. It is important that Congress not bring government funding to the brink of shutdown again on Dec. 3, so NTEU will urge lawmakers to use these next nine weeks to finish work on year-long appropriation bills, which include funding increases for most NTEU-represented agencies, including the IRS.

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