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NTEU Identifies Agency Error on Retirement Eligibility

A Feb. 22 virtual briefing for employees by CBP’s Retirement and Benefits Advisory Services contained some incorrect information about retirement eligibility for certain CBPOs.

This message from NTEU provides you with the correct information, and we have alerted CBP to the issue.

Specifically, page 10 of the RABAS presentation stated that CBPOs on board before July 6, 2008, would not be eligible to retire in 2028 unless they met the FERS standard and minimum service requirements, such as reaching the Minimum Retirement Age with 30 years of service. This is wrong.

The correct information is that CBPOs who were on board as of July 6, 2008, are considered Special Group Employees under the LEO/Firefighters/Air Traffic Controller retirement rules and these special group employees are eligible to retire in 2028 with the FERS Annuity Supplement if they have reached age 50 with 20 years of Special Group Retirement Code (SGRC) coverage, or any age with 25 years of SGRC.

NTEU is grateful to the many Chapter Presidents and NTEU members who alerted us to the agency’s presentation, which was shared with thousands of employees. NTEU has requested a meeting with CBP regarding this incorrect information.

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