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NTEU Wins Decision Against President’s Anti-Union Executive Orders

NTEU has notched a victory in our ongoing legal battle over the president’s anti-employee, anti-union executive orders (EO). In a case against the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), an arbitrator agreed with NTEU that the agency had committed an unfair labor practice by implementing portions of the president’s 2018 EOs before the parties’ agreement expired in January. The arbitrator also agreed with NTEU’s arguments that the portions of the EOs in question violate the federal labor-management relations statute. NTEU represents PTO trademark attorneys and examiners.

“A federal agency cannot just ignore an existing contract, skip the necessary bargaining and impose strict new limits on the union’s ability to represent employees,” said National President Tony Reardon. “This is the beginning of an extensive but necessary process to chip away, piece by piece, at these executive orders, and NTEU is in it for the long haul.”   

NTEU has a number of these grievances pending in multiple agencies all aimed at proving that the White House can’t unilaterally override federal labor law using executive orders. Read more

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