A Message From Chapter President, Damian Alvarez:


It is an honor and privilege to be the President of NTEU Chapter 137 and be granted the opportunity to represent both you and one of the largest chapter’s in the National Treasury Employees Union.  A chapter that consists of 1800 bargaining employees and over 1450 members from Key West to Fort Pierce and the Pre-Clearance facilities located in Bermuda, Freeport and Nassau, Bahamas and Aruba.


Over the course of the past year, we have been faced with many obstacles and changes in US Customs & Border Protection that has impacted many of our employees and members, on both a professional and personal nature.  During that time and with the help, assistance and guidance of Executive Vice President Rick Tallent and Chief Steward and training coordinator Jose Lamboglia, we have organized, trained and equip our stewards with the knowledge and expertise to address many of the challenges facing our members in today’s environment.  


While working with management throughout the Miami Field Office to include the Director of Field Operations - Miami, Mr. Vernon Foret, Area Director Roland Suliveras, Port Director’s Diane Sabatino, Jorge Roig & Jennifer Connors, we have brought many issues and concerns to their attention that affect employees at all levels.


We have opened a line of communication with Mr. Foret (DFO), to include meeting with him on a regular bases to discuss issues that you “the members” have brought to our attention, issues that are being addressed from the line supervisor, to Chiefs, to the Assistant Port Directors and Port Directors and finally to Mr. Foret, himself.


Chapter leaders have met with and spoken to Port Directors from the various Pre-Clearance facilities to create mutually acceptable agreements that afford our members the opportunity to be treated in a fair and equitable manner while assigned to duty stations outside the United States.


But the most important goal that I have attempted to achieve as your President is to ensure and protect the rights and concerns of all of our members, assigned to the Miami Field Office.




I have been a union member for the past several years holding various positions with the chapter to include a steward in Port Everglades, Vice President of the chapter and my current position as President of Chapter 137. 



- Damian Alvarez

© 2016 by National Treasury Employees Union Chapter 137, Miami, FL


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