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The Port of Miami International Airport (MIA) is comprised of Miami International, Opa Locka, Tamiami Airports, and the Miami Foreign Mail Center.  MIA, the number one U.S. airport for international freight, receives 90% of all cut flower importations nationally, processes more than 188,692 commercial and private aircraft arrivals and departures that carry over 19.4 million international passengers and crew in North and South Terminal operations.  MIA is served by 237 scheduled carriers, and 293 operators of freighter aircrafts servicing 170 cities on four continents.


In addition to passenger terminals designated to process international passengers, MIA has four courier hubs, three general aviation facilities, and an international mail facility.  MIA is ranked as the second busiest international airport for passenger arrivals; behind John F. Kennedy Airport and is considered to be the Gateway for Latin America.  In Fiscal Year (FY) 2013, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) MIA processed 10,165,492 arriving commercial air passengers and crew. 


In November 2013, CBP MIA and MDAD completed the installation of 36 Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosks in the North Terminal.  The APCs are a key component of CBP’s Resource Optimization Strategy which removes the responsibility for a CBP officer to scan a traveler’s passport and verify their paper Customs declaration, reducing the average wait times for U.S. and Canadian international travelers.  The partnership between MDAD and CBP aims to help travelers move more quickly through the CBP inspection process by allowing entry of passport information at a self-service kiosk.  Enhancements to the APC kiosk implementation are ongoing. 

As of May 2014, the MIA Global Entry (GE) Enrollment Center has enrolled 71,601 active participants in the program since 2009.  The GE office continues outreach efforts to inform the public about the benefits of the program and to increase participation in the program.  MIA has 16 Global Entry kiosks (12 at the North Terminal and 4 at the South Terminal) with an average daily use of 800 travelers.





Jose Parrondo

Dennyson Padilla

Non HR-22


Cargo Operations

Jorge Bon

Ian Crespo

Jorge Curtiellas

Ariel Diaz

Nelson Figueroa

Jowana Knight- AQI

Reynaldo Marte

Darryl Monroe- AQI

Rene Perez

Reinaldo Velazquez

Passenger Operations

Joseph Martone (Chief Steward)

Ericoberto Castro

Gabriel Davis

Sandra Francois

Erica Hall

Jera Honda

Delmonique Lyons 

David Poole

Dominique Soutar

Andrue Rodriguez - K9

David Cordero - AQI K9

Opa Locka Airport

Opa Locka Airport

Miami Foreign Mail Center

Miami Foreign Mail Center

Tamiami Airport

Tamiami Airport

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