Ft. Pierce Intl. Airport


The port of Ft. Pierce has many items going for it. It has a deep water port that receives ships and barge traffic. Port employees cover from Sebastian Inlet to St. Lucie Inlet (about 60 plus miles of shoreline) along with 5 other airports in its AOR. There is also a Free Trade Zone that will have its first company starting late June 2015. The main office is the General Aviation Facility (GAF) in Ft. Pierce which has just changed its name to Treasure Coast International Airport.


The existing GAF is being torn down to make way for a new building and all new equipment. The GAF at Ft. Pierce will become what CBP calls a “Super GAF”.


The Ft. Pierce GAF is staffed seven days a week.




Ft. Pierce Intl. Airport Steward

David Hurst

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